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Catrina's Palacio Collection

Artisans of Old World Europe
elevated the trade of cabinetmaking to an art form, with furniture defined by graceful lines, refined carvings and decorative inlays. The silky hand-rubbed finish and intricate hardware were evidence of meticulous craftsmanship. Catrina's Palacio Collection captures the essence of the Old World in Rustic Cherry, Walnut, French Quartered Oak and Olive Ash Burl. The gently aged and burnished finish is hand-rubbed, with accents of gold leaf and hand-cast solid brass hardware. Welcome to Old World tradition with a New World sense of style.

Having lived in Austin in my younger years, I kind of grew up loving books by British writer, Aldous Huxley. I particularly loved his fictional novel, “Brave New World,” and his philosophy that we should “grock” what we have been provided here on Earth, and use things to their fullest extent. I have always looked for ways to recycle materials, thinking that I could save and use things for another purpose, thus becoming the pack rat that I am!  

I have saved a metal scroll off of this, and a set of table legs off of that, and in my spare time have found it exhilarating to put my recycled treasures together and make something unique and wonderful. Many of today’s favorite pieces of furniture are made from recycled wood from old homes, old doors and even old ships. It makes us all happy to think that we have spared a tree somehow. There is something about an old piece of wood with its rich patina and weathered cracks and crevices that is impossible to duplicate with new wood.  

Catrina's Palacio Collection, Moreno Leather or Fabric Sofa
Moreno Leather or Fabric Sofa: Regular Price $7,999.00, Sale Price $5,699.00

Catrina's Palacio Collection, Highland Dining Table
Highland Dining Table: Regular Price $2,849.00
Sale Price $2,039.00


Think green

For those loving that more naturalistic look
in their design, and seeking the secret to the exquisite beauty of reclaimed wood furniture, the answer is simple. All it takes is the time and artistry of Mother Nature. For years this wood was not available to the public. Only recently has this vintage prized wood come to market.

If you think about it, many of us who manufacture Western furnishings are doing our part to be more "green" by using products that had been discarded in prior years. Even cow hides from the slaughter houses were thrown away until the demand for western furniture with hair on hides has become so popular.

Collecting antler horns naturally shed from deer in the wild is one of my favorite pastimes and always a good excuse for a walk in the woods. We make antler chandeliers, hat racks, table legs, wine holders and mirror frames from the antlers we have found or bought. So next time you are thinking about throwing out that out of date sofa that is still so comfortable, call me, and I’ll recover it for you. And that old falling-down shed on your property might be worth more than you realize if you gently dismantle it and repurpose the wood by making a wonderful piece of furniture with it.

Think about precious life and how so much of it is wasted by a society that is so accustomed to discarding unwanted resources. We can make a difference on this Earth by thinking “green.” It all starts with you. Before you throw it away, give it away or fix it and keep it forever.


From around the world

Visiting Catrina’s Ranch Interiors in Boerne
is like going on a treasure hunt, you never know what you’re going to find, but you know it’s going to be well worth the search.

“There’s an abundance of merchandise,” says Catrina Kendrick, award-winning designer, entrepreneur, and owner of the 6 1/2 acre furniture and design compound that bears her name. “The look in the store changes day by day.” And what a look it is.

Every corner of the 7000-square foot main building is brimming with one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, hand-forged chandeliers, artwork, tableware, tribal rugs and eye catching accessories from all over the world.

Catrina's Ranch Interiors of San Antonio is renowned for its award winning custom western furnishings and Texas hill country designs. Their stunning leather and rustic furniture is always beautifully accented with fine art paintings, antler chandeliers, bronze statues, scrolled iron work, imported rugs and other glamorous accessories.

Catrina is proud to present her new online store “Catrina’s Ranch Interiors”, now shopping with Catrina is even easier and only a click away!

Catrina's Palacio Collection, Grande Salon King Bed
Grande Salon King Bed: Regular Price $4,489.00, Sale Price $3,229.00

San Marino Cocktail Table
San Marino Cocktail Table: Regular Price $3,749.00, Sale Price $2,689.00
Chadwick Gentleman's Chest
Chadwick Gentleman's Chest: Regular Price $3,749.00
Sale Price $2,689.00

Granada Dining Table
Granada Dining Table: Regular Price $3,749.00, Sale Price $2,689.00

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