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Feng Shui in Kitchens and Bathrooms

We spend as much time in the kitchen and bathroom
as any other room in the house, so why not make them as efficient as they can be with a precise place for everything? Of course, it would be great to do this in the planning stage of new construction or a remodeling makeover, but you can always retrofit what you have by organizing with bins and containers. Plastic boxes can hold similar foods such as pastas, rice and beans or baking goods for those of us without pull out drawers.

When attending design calls at client’s homes, I am increasingly asked about the ancient art of Feng Shui and its influence in decorating the home. Many clients are now seeking professional advice on this subject and I am always pleased to answer their questions to the best of my ability. I have read a great deal about Feng Shui and I thought that the beginning of the New Year was the perfect opportunity to bring these ideas to light. I found the study very interesting and I hope that you will as well. New thoughts for a New Year, using ancient traditions, could be fun; if Feng Shui brings health, happiness and abundance then sign me up!

Let’s start out by reducing clutter in the kitchen. Go through your pantry and refrigerator, checking dates on everything and discarding all expired food. Toss out all items that you haven’t used in a year. Don’t buy bulk items; the Y2K scare was many years ago and there is no need to hoard food. Fresh food is always best. Neatly stored items take up less space, so move the dishes, glasses and silverware closer to the dishwasher where they will be easier for your husband to put up. Maybe he will even help you clean the kitchen, who knows? Discard chipped, cracked or broken items, they are unlucky according to the Oriental art of Feng Shui. Most patterns of dishes can be found online.  If you need a piece or two to replace your broken dishes or cups, you can order just about anything from this source, and you may even find many discontinued items. With Feng Shui in mind, your kitchen is the part of your home that nourishes and sustains life. The kitchen is considered the most important room in your home and it is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Its energy is associated with your health, your family harmony, and the flow of wealth and abundance in your life. There is something to this Feng Shui stuff, really.

Urban Home Magazine

Catrina's Ranch Interiors Urban Home Kitchen
The dreamy villa was built with the belief that fairy tales really do come true

Urban Home Magazine
Their vision was to create a masterpiece

Catrina's Ranch Interiors Urban Home Magazine Article
Catrina adorned a magnificent home

Feng Shui

The kitchen plays its role in the all-important Feng Shui triangle
. The bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen make up this triangle which is directly connected to the state of your health and wellbeing. The food you eat gives you energy, and as we constantly exchange energy with our surroundings, a kitchen with good Feng Shui makes a happy chef and leads to good energy meals and a happy family! It’s always good advice to keep untidiness at bay and store gadgets that are seldom used. Put them on an accessible shelf in the pantry where you are now storing less food! Leveled lighting, with lights above and below the cabinets, is welcoming and romantic. Living plants in the window, fresh flowers on the island or table and a bowl of fruit all bring uplifting energy to your kitchen.
Don’t get me started on Feng Shui for the bathroom; we would all be rebuilding our casas! Too many rules for the bath! We can’t all have baths in the Southwest area of the home. In my humble opinion there is really no good placement for a bathroom in Feng Shui since this ancient Chinese practice was conceived long before indoor plumbing! However, there are some bathroom locations that are better than others, and this is important to know because supposedly your home’s bathrooms can have a negative impact on the luck, wealth and health of all who live there. No matter where your bathrooms are located, there are a few simple ideas which may prevent your luck from going down the drain! These are small but worthwhile things like placing a mirror on the outside of bathroom doors. Toilet lids, drains and bathroom doors should always be closed when not in use. Who knew, right? Perhaps this is why we feel our money is disappearing down the drain! Use pottery accessories like vases, candle holders, soap dishes and plant pots in the corners of the room. These are earth-like objects offering the natural solution for balancing the water energy there.

The main idea is to have a spa-like relaxing retreat that makes you feel peaceful while taking care of business in the bathroom. Organization is a must.  Store make up and beauty products out of site, in drawers or baskets. Try to lessen clutter on counters and always keep their surfaces clean. Open the windows whenever possible; if there is no window in the room, place a mirror over the toilet. Use gold-colored towels to attract abundance; we all need more of that. It is believed this helps to counteract any down- the-drain effect. Warm colors in bathroom décor help to balance dark damp yin energies and in my opinion are more soothing than stark whites or bright colors. I guess this is a starter course on the fascinating ancient art of Feng Shui and its application in the kitchen and bathrooms. There are countless interesting books on the subject, and I try to follow as many as I can without inhibiting the creativity required in great interior design. If it incorporates effortlessly in the motif, then it works for me.  I have always loved using natural elements and earth tone pallets. I have never liked the toilet seat left up or a bed facing a bathroom door, so hey, maybe there is something to it. So let’s give Feng Shui a second look and keep energy, wellbeing, wealth and abundance from floating out the door, or worse, down the drain!

Catrina's Ranch Interiors Urban Home Kitchen
The dreamy villa was built with the belief that fairy tales really do come true
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Fairy tales really do come true

Catrina's Ranch Interiors Kitchen
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