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Country Clubs and Galas

Peering from behind rhinestone-encrusted glasses, widely acclaimed interior designer Catrina Kendrick has cascading, blonde tresses, cerulean eyes and a warm, velvety voice. Statuesque and stylishly dressed in a silver ensemble and boots, this iconic Texas lady is legendary for her superlative vision and professional guidance in beautifying homes, regardless of their dimensions or venues.

She has a penchant for waving her proverbial magic wand in transforming lackluster surroundings into exquisite showplaces. From sketching a room plan, from the floor to the ceiling, to designing the furniture, accessories and lighting fixtures that will enliven and accentuate the living space, Catrina ensures complete customer satisfaction in a thorough, meticulous manner.

Personalized attention paid to her faithful clientele is one of the hallmarks of her longevity in the fickle, ever-changing interior design realm. She has rolled with the punches to emerge victoriously in her 40-plus years in the home décor business.
“Some of the larger companies I have previously worked for are no longer in business. My company has survived the ’08 crash and everything else. Now, at this location, where we have been for more than 10 years, we are doing really well and continue to expand our business and its capabilities every day,” she said.

The recipient of scores of accolades
and design awards, Catrina is cognizant that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to furnishing an individual’s home and doesn’t hide the fact that she has a strong disdain for cookie-cutter furniture and trite design.

Country Club formal dining entrance
Catrina creates a masterpiece with vision and imagination, fairy tales do come true

Country Cub Window Accents and Dining Room Tables
Catrina creates a tropical sunset with the use of window inserts and lighting

A Tropical Evening in Paradise

“We have a team of professionals working for us, all of whom have degrees in interior design, which sets them apart from the salespeople who are less qualified. Others may be motivated to make a sale, regardless of the client’s needs, but that’s not our concept here. Our forte is designing for the home instead of throwing furniture at the home, and there is a huge difference,” she said.

Punctilious, Catrina is precise and pores over every last detail. She maintains informative step-by-step design books for each of her clients that keep them abreast of how their designs are coming along to reach fruition. From cabinets and colors to copper sinks, fabrics and pendant lights, there are a multitude of items to consider, yet Catrina somehow makes it look effortless, seamlessly magical. Each room she designs reflects an individual’s personality. “It’s very intricate. It takes a long time to put one of these books together,” she said.

Tough and tenacious, Catrina is a bold, fearless survivor in her field. In fact, she is celebrating a lengthy career because of her keen attention to detail, commitment to quality and steadfast refusal to accept shoddy business practices and products. She has outshined competitors and endured difficult times for a reason. The spiritual woman emphasizes that it is not about crunching numbers to make the bottom line shine. It is about using her innate talents to help others develop the kind of home that makes them feel at ease when they retreat to their respective sanctuaries.


Country Cub Dining Room

Country Club Fountain Accent

Country Club Window Accents

Elegance by design, leave nothing to chance

Cascading water features for an Evening in Paradise

The best in award winning design from Catrina


The Spiritual Woman

“If I think that you’re putting something together in your home that doesn’t look good, I’ll let you know – right away,” she said with a gentle laugh. “Sure, it’s pretty, but it’s not for you. So we try to be honest with people and fill their needs and give them good design advice instead of just making a sale.”

She continued that custom design does not have to be costly, and with her sound, sagacious advice, stemming from years in the business, people can achieve the décor they desire without a hefty price tag.

“People know they can come to us and get not only honest opinions but honest solutions at prices they can afford. You know, people have the misconception that custom furniture has to cost more – not so! In fact, not only do we do custom design and do it well, but more often than not it’s less expensive than these box stores – a lot less. We’re downhome, righteous people here, and we like to treat others as righteous people. We are Christians, and we try to do the right thing. We give people their money’s worth,” she said.

In addition to her signature creations, she routinely makes the pilgrimage to market in Las Vegas and North Carolina where she carefully selects merchandise she endorses and carries in her exclusive showroom, including inventory from all over the world for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, plus unique finds to accent your designs.

Country Club Central Dining Room
Catrina presents a Palais Royale masterpiece with vision and imagination


Country Club Entrance Decoration

Country Cub Enchanted Evening in the Tropics

Country Clubs Entrance Decoration

The ultimate in elegance and design

Catrina designed the illuminated Tropical Evening sign

Beautifully designed entrances


Country Club Main Dining Room Windows with Sunset Accents
Hollywood Swank at Catrina's Ranch Interiors, if you can dream it we can build it

Tough and Tenacious

During this interview, she is poised and polished as she sits on a large, comfy brown couch with tooled turquoise accents. The marvelous couch with accompanying coffee table and ample chair, all of which she has designed, have found their rightful spots in the elegant showroom at Catrina’s Ranch Interiors. With husband, accomplished musician Rob Kendrick, by her side, she regales a rapt audience with stories about her upbringing, her world travels, her extensive career background and her philanthropic work.

As she fields questions, she keeps attuned to her clients’ needs as they stroll leisurely through the rolling showroom, stopping momentarily, with wide-eyed wonderment, to gaze at an antler chandelier or a majestic bed, fit for royalty.

Prevalent in the showroom are stately pieces of furniture tailored for every room, oriental rugs and tables constructed of Canadian alder, a variety of wood Catrina heralds for its durability, versatility and natural beauty. Bold textures and opulent fabrics are also a mainstay in the showroom.

“We build furniture using a variety of woods including mesquite, cedar, aged oak and mahogany, but there’s a preference in our factory for Canadian alder because we can make it look like any kind of wood. It’s a stable wood, which is really nice and hard and already kiln-dried,” she said. “It’s not box furniture, and that’s what we’re all about – giving people their own look, letting them choose their own leathers and fabrics and wood finishes.”


Country Clubs Dining Room Tropical Sunset Window Accents

Country Club Main Dining Room Decoration

Country Club Entrance Couch

The ultimate in elegant dining and design

Classic Country Club Gala dining presentations

Catrina creates another day in Paradise


Poised and Polished

Animal print ottomans, glistening chandeliers and Christmas décor, including a towering topiary bedecked with gold, red and maroon balls, are just a few of the other items that pique people’s interest. There is a curious find around every corner in the elaborate showroom, and the lavish layout flows superbly.

An eclectic mix of artwork adorns the walls, and one feels as though they have embarked on a fanciful journey through the finest of home furnishings. It’s undeniable that it’s the happiest place in the Hill Country town of Boerne. A tour is pleasantly dizzying and awe-inspiring.

A hillside chateau, a Mediterranean-style mansion, a cozy cottage, a rambling ranch dotted with several houses – despite a home’s size, there is no project too small or too big for Catrina to topple, with her deep-seated artistry. The in-demand home décor connoisseur travels to destinations at home, far-flung and in between. It’s not out of the ordinary for clients to arrive on their personal planes at the Boerne Airport where she boards the plane and jets off to exotic destinations to share her wisdom and passion for design.

Her impressive resume’ includes, but is not limited to, homes in New York City, Alaska and Colorado. She is also noted for her breadth of design work in the prestigious The Dominion and Cordillera Ranch neighborhoods.

“If you can dream it, we can build it,”
is her motto. “Everything from elegant ranch, Tuscany interiors to old-world custom designs.”

Country Cub Fountain Decoration
A Tropical Evening accented with cascading water features, elegant in the extreme


Country Clubs Bar

Country Clubs Tropical Evening Bar

Country Club Tropical Evening Side Bar

The best in award winning design from Catrina

The cocktail bar designed by Catrina

Elegance by design, leave nothing to chance


Country Club Tropical Evening Lamp
A Tropical Evening masterpiece created with vision and imagination; just another day in Paradise

Design Calls

If your schedule does not permit a trip to the showroom, then, no worries. Catrina makes what she calls design calls. In a flash, she is behind the wheel of her hulking Hummer, ready to accept the challenge. She drives a Hummer because it affords her the ability to maneuver rough ranch terrain. Another one of her herculean feats has been working on an authentic 18,000-square-foot Hacienda-style ranch house in Tarpley, Texas.

Catrina has been at her present location for 10 years. She grew up in the Rio Grande Valley and spent the summer months in Boerne, a pristine town she embraces because of its serenity and natural beauty.

Catrina is also a staunch supporter and vocal proponent of The Moonlight Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides round-the-clock assistance to soldiers who have sustained injuries from burns and their family members, as well as families who have lost a loved one to a burn injury. The organization addresses financial, emotional and physical needs in the hour of need. Catrina shares this important mission with her dear friend, Celia Jones, executive director of The Moonlight Fund.

We work together, hand in hand, whenever there is a soldier in need. If I can provide something to make that soldier’s life a little more comfortable, I am there,” she said. Passionate about her charitable work, Catrina also supports Hill Country Daily Bread and the Roy Maas’ Youth Alternatives Foundation. “I try to help as much as I can,” she said.

She belongs to The Dominion Country Club and, as Vice President, sits on the board of directors for The Dominion Country Club Ladies Forum. The highly sought designer has built a solid, no-nonsense reputation for her signature style, years of experience, unique vision, honesty and integrity.

This recognition from the elite Country Clubs of Texas is well deserved as you will see the minute you walk through the door. Whether your preference is custom furniture, custom upholstery, Hill Country furniture, Texas leather upholstery, rustic furniture, Tuscan furniture, old world furniture, iron furniture, mesquite furniture, or an eclectic blend of contrasting styles, you will find an unrivalled selection in Catrina's San Antonio furniture store. She also specializes in rare architectural pieces, fine art paintings, antler chandeliers, bronze statues, scrolled iron work, oriental rugs and antiques.



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