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Catrina's Palacio Upholstery
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11 Piece Silverton Dining Set

Price: $13065.00  Sale price $8539.00


12 Piece Silverton Dining Set with Buffet

Price: $16020.00  Sale price $10468.00

Aspen Arm Chair

Price: $1049.00  Sale price $749.00


Aspen Side Chair

Price: $889.00  Sale price $639.00

Blackstone Square Cocktail Table

Price: $1649.00  Sale price $1189.00


Castle Pines Night Stand

Price: $889.00  Sale price $639.00

Chambers Leather Sofa

Price: $7749.00  Sale price $5389.00


Chambers Sofa

Leather or Fabric

Price: $5699.00  Sale price $3849.00

Cherry Creek Rectangular Cocktail Table

Price: $1489.00  Sale price $1069.00


Cypress Chest

Price: $2689.00  Sale price $1929.00

Durango Bistro Table

Price: $1789.00  Sale price $1279.00


Eagle Sideboard

Price: $1789.00  Sale price $1279.00

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