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Catrina and Michael Amini

Step out onto the red carpet in front of the flashbulbs of paparazzi cameras, and picture yourself in the glamour and drama that is the inspiration for the Hollywood Swank collection. Hollywood Swank brings the influence of movie premieres to life with mirrors, tufted leather accents, and mirrored panels available in two finishes including Platinum, and Polished Stainless, which allows you to choose the right color for every piece for your home.

The quality and attention to detail is masterfully evidenced throughout the bedroom, which features a wing shaped headboard that is adorned with crystal button tufted upholstery, unique drawer fronts, and a swivel lingerie chest that cannot be found elsewhere. The four finishes of the collection are enhanced by the alligator vinyl wraps, which create an intriguing visual display.

Each piece is carefully created and inspected to ensure the high standards of quality for which AICO is known.
Platinum colors and mixed media harmonize with each other, and are accented by polished hardware, that highlight the design, detail, and style that are synonymous with Michael Amini & Jane Seymour, A Design Collaboration.

Rich velvet lining ensures the protection of your fine delicates and personal treasures, while both English and French dovetail joints create durable drawers, adding quality and style to your home. Please visit our other website:


Michael Amini Hollywood Swank Bedroom
Catrina creates a masterpiece with vision and imagination, fairy tales do come true

Parade of Homes

Award winning designer Catrina Kendrick
wears both a creative bonnet and a business chapeau at Catrina's Ranch Interiors.

Go shopping at Catrina’s Ranch Interiors and you’ll likely find the owner, Catrina Kendrick, juggling phone calls, meeting with clients, answering employee questions, conferring with craftsmen and doing a thousand-and-one other things necessary to keep her custom furniture and interior design store thriving.

The decorating expert, who is noted for her one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, leads a demanding professional life. But she’s not complaining. Kendrick loves the challenges and even the multitasking involved. "Everything I used to do for other people I’m now doing for myself and this business,” she says. “This is exactly the life I imagined for myself.”

Catrina spent years in the furniture business managing and buying for other furniture stores. She takes understandable pride in her stores and her specialty handcrafted furniture made of Canadian alder, as well as mesquite, pine, cedar and antique woods. She’s proud of her extensive inventories – unique things such as antler and iron chandeliers, custom furniture and cabinets and doors at the ranch location, and European-flavored and contemporary pieces.


Michael Amini Hollywood Swank Occassional

Michael Amini Hollywood Swank

Hollywood Swank Dining Room from Catrina's Ranch Interiors

Elegance by design, leave nothing to chance

The best in award winning design from Catrina

Catrina's Ranch Interiors for that glamorous look


Make the move

Catrina is proud
of the way she has been able to turn her career dreams into realities. The ranch started out as what most considered an impossible dream. People gave dire warnings about the venture and told her it was crazy to leave a great downtown location behind (she had a successful home décor shop on Boerne’s Main Street). They shook their heads and asked, “Why take a dangerous gamble on an old, rundown building just off the interstate?”
It was a good question. But although Kendrick pondered it for a while (and although she spent some sleepless nights scared to death that it might be a mistake), she decided to make the move.......

Catrina’s Ranch Interiors is located in Boerne, San Antonio, at 32840 IH-10 West off exit 542. Just look for the sign on the IH-10 access road. Catrina’s is open Monday thru Saturday from 10:00 am until  5:30 pm and Sunday from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm. Their phone number is 830-331-9010. They are the Southwest’s premier location for elegant western furniture, ranch furniture, hill country furniture and old world furnishings.

Catrina is proud to present her new Online Store “Catrina’s Ranch Interiors”, now shopping with Catrina is even easier and only a click away!

Palais Royale Collection fro Catrina's Ranch Interiors
Catrina presents a Palais Royale masterpiece with vision and imagination


Michael Amini The Sovereign Dining Room

Michael Amini The Sovereign Upholstery

Michael Amini Tuscano Bedroom

The ultimate in elegance and design

An eclectic furniture selection at Catrina's

Beautifully crafted bedroom suites and armoires


Hollywood Swank Bedroom Suite from Catrina;s Ranch Interiors
Hollywood Swank at Catrina's Ranch Interiors, if you can dream it we can build it


Somehow, the entrepreneur just knew
the old building made partly of a barrack building constructed in 1935 had possibilities, and could be repurposed to provide a perfect showcase for her quality wares and custom furniture designs. Furthermore, there was nostalgia involved. It had been the site of her first commercial design job more than three decades ago, and she had watched it function as a popular restaurant for many years. Many remember the old Loft Steakhouse in Boerne.

She beautifully renovated the old loft and opened in 2005. And what a space it is! Replete with Texas/Tuscan/hacienda influences, it never fails to awe shoppers in search of the finest-quality home furnishings and unusual decorative items. The building feels like an old ranch house.

Kendrick is no stranger to the various aspects of interior design. She spent many years working on commercial and residential projects in Houston and Colorado. It was a busy life even way back then, but nothing compared to now, with two locations and two professional hats to wear: a business chapeau and a creative bonnet. The creative bonnet just might be the hat she likes best. 

Catrina truly delights in working with clients, sketching out custom pieces that suit their tastes and then seeing the one-of-a-kind creations through to completion. “If you can dream it, we can build it” is her motto, and she pretty much stands behind it.


Hollywood Loft Dining room

After 8 Dining Room

After 8 Bedroom

The ultimate in elegant dining and design

Classic dining and kitchens with modern amenities

You will be spoiled for choice at Catrina's


Design Philosophy 

What if a client has no dreams in mind?
Well, no problem! The interior designer also meets with people in their homes to offer decorating advice, and to suggest what might be successfully integrated into arrangements. Catrina’s approach rejects the one-style, right-out-of-the-catalog look. Instead, she favors an eclectic mix of old and new, enlivened with eye-catching conversation pieces that have personality.

Attractive showroom arrangements aptly illustrate her design philosophy, and customers are encouraged to browse and to make a mental wish list. The business owner tells her staff to be friendly and helpful, but never pushy. She also emphasizes the importance of making deliveries on time and insists that installers do a professional job. There is a one-month turnaround time on custom-crafted furniture, in most cases.

Catrina's Ranch Interiors of San Antonio is renowned for its award winning custom western furnishings and Texas hill country designs. Their stunning leather and rustic furniture is always beautifully accented with fine art paintings, antler chandeliers, bronze statues, scrolled iron work, oriental rugs and other glamorous accessories.

The Sovereign Bedroom Collection
The Sovereign Bedroom Collection, elegant in the extreme


Villa Valencia Upholstery

Monte Carlo Bedroom

Villa Valencia Dining Room

The best in award winning design from Catrina

Bedrooms and Texas Hill Country Leather furniture

Elegance by design, leave nothing to chance


Victoria Palace Dining Room
Create a masterpiece with vision and imagination; fairy tales do come true

Our skilled craftsmen

Catrina’s Ranch Interiors
has skilled artisans in house and has partnered with some of the country's finest woodworking masters. The painstaking work of building your custom furniture is not just craftsmanship but art. Catrina's beautifully designed furniture is not only a feast for the eyes but durable enough to endure decades of continuous daily use.

As you stroll around the San Antonio store, it seems that in every nook and cranny is another must-have item, each of them unique. Catrina’s designs dance to music with a world beat and you can see articles that would be at home in almost any décor from Tuscany to Toltec. One of a kind pieces from all over the world greet you in every room and whisper to you “take me, take me”.

The design work by Catrina’s Ranch Interiors has been recognised as some of the very best. It is with good reason that Catrina has recently won a wall full of awards. Last year Catrina was a proud winner of the Kerville Parade of Homes and in 2010 she won a tableful of awards with CKC Custom Homes. In the 2009 Home and Garden show in San Antonio, Catrina walked away with the “Most Beautiful Display” award. You can add that to the 2008 Summit Award for “Best Interior Design”, a 2007 Best Furnishings win at the Parade of Homes and a 2006 acknowledgment as the “Best Interior Design” in Fredericksburg.

This recognition from the design industry is well deserved as you will see the minute you walk through the door. Whether your preference is custom furniture, custom upholstery, Hill Country furniture, Texas leather upholstery, rustic furniture, Tuscan furniture, old world furniture, iron furniture, mesquite furniture, or an eclectic blend of contrasting styles, you will find an unrivalled selection in Catrina's San Antonio furniture store. She also specializes in rare architectural pieces, fine art paintings, antler chandeliers, bronze statues, scrolled iron work, oriental rugs and antiques.


Oppulent Bar
Beautiful bars and barstools
Oppulent Occassional
Imagine the possibilities
Cortina Bar
The ultimate in dining elegance and design


Catrina's Interiors, 32840 IH-10 West, Boerne, San Antonio, Texas 78006. Tel: 830-331-9010, Email: